Chapter Mtg February 21st, 2013: Erasing Digital Footprints with Frank Ahearn


In the digital age, can anyone really go underground? Frank Ahearn is a privacy expert, digital manipulator, noted skip tracer, and author who’s addressed that question on behalf of both the hunters and the hunted. His previous book, How to Disappear, discussed the digital footprints each of us leave going through our everyday lives and how he’s helped people “vanish” by erasing them. His latest book, Digital Hit Man, is designed to provide ammunition for combating the increasingly digital and connected world. See you there, but don’t tell anyone!


Chapter Mtg. Jan. 17th, 2013: Open Mic Night is Back!

You in the Spotlight with NYSinCYou, in the spotlight!

Come share your work, published or unpublished, with your Sisters. It’s a fantastic opportunity to hear what everyone’s doing and to share our writing in a fun and supportive environment. Everyone who wishes to read will get five minutes, and we do use a timer like the one linked here. We recommend you practice in advance so you don’t get cut off at “and the killer was…!” As a rough starting point, five minutes works out to be about 3 1/2 double-spaced manuscript pages.

We look forward to hearing your work, and listening guests are welcome, too! If you’d like to reserve a slot to read, please RSVP to our chapter president, Catherine Maiorisi, at cmaiorisi – AT – gmail (dot) com


As always, the gory details of time and location are posted at our 2013 Chapter Meetings page, plus a sneak peek at other great programs we have planned for the year ahead!


Celebrate the Holidays with NYSinC!

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