ANTHOLOGIES: the Murder New York Style series

In partnership with Glenmere Press, we recently released beautiful new eBook editions of our chapter’s first two anthologies, Deadly Debut and Fresh Slices!

Deadly Debut, a Murder New York Style mystery anthologyFresh Slices, a Murder New York Style anthology










And if that weren’t splendid enough, we added a brand-new, third anthology in both print and eBook versions, Family Matters! This wonderful collection has been honored by the Short Mystery Fiction Society with the 2015 Derringer Award for Best Short Story (of 1,0001-4,000 words) for “The Kaluki Kings of Queens” by Cathi Stoler!


Come meet the relatives in twenty short stories by members of the New York / Tri-State chapter of Sisters in Crime! These tales are as diverse in theme and mood as the city itself, taking you from the explosive excitement of the New York City Marathon to a secret cellar in Queens; from the warmth of an immigrant culture to the moneyed New York art world; from brutality and poverty to Wall Street’s privileged thugs. What all the families have in common is this: their lives have been changed forever by crime. Motives? The usual: jealousy and greed, rage and revenge, self-protection and politics, secrets and lies. No Metrocard or E-ZPass required to tour these neighborhoods!

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