February 18th Chapter Meeting: True Crime

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Less than a year ago, people around the country were spellbound by the unfolding saga of the Craigslist killer, so-named during a week-long spree that saw three young women attacked and robbed in hotel rooms, one of them killed, by a man  police allege is a former med student who used the online site to arrange “erotic” services.

While the accused awaits trial, we’ll hear about the evidence against him from Paul LaRosa, who co-wrote the book Seven Days of Rage: The Deadly Spree of the Craigslist Killer.  This Emmy Award-winning news and documentary producer, also a veteran NY journalist, will tell us about the high-tech investigation, and also explain the unique research and process that authors use in writing true crime books.

Chapter member, and former cop, Kathy Ryan will moderate, and we’ll also be giving away a copy of Paul’s book!  As always, dates, times, and directions available at the Chapter Meetings link on the sidebar.