Chapter Mtg. May 16, 2103: Meet NYPD Detective Lauren Brehm!

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PROGRAMMING NOTE as of 5/13/13: Unfortunately, we will have to reschedule Detective Brehm’s appearance. Instead, we’ll be presenting a panel of recently published authors with a range of current experiences from seeing a debut in print to publishing the 20th in a long-running series! See more details here.

We’re thrilled to have the NYPD’s own Detective Lauren Brehm coming to give us the inside scoop on life as a woman on the force!

We meet and greet at the Muhlenberg Library at 6:00pm, and the program runs from 6:30-7:45p. An optional dinner follows. As always, more details and directions are posted on our 2013 Chapter Meetings page.

Also, save the date of Tuesday, June 11th, because that’s when our very-popular end of year business meeting/party/dinner will be happening at Cowgirl in the West Village!