Short stories selected for Murder New York Style: Justice for All Anthology

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the wonderful stories, listed in no particular order, that will be included in our upcoming anthology¬†Murder New York Style: Justice for All.
The Thanksgiving Ragamuffin by Kathleen Marple Kalb
When the Caged Bird Flies by Catherine Maiorisi
Windy Willows by Nina Mansfield
Leading Ladies by Lori Robbins
A Trial for the Books by D.M. Barr
The World According to Lucy by Susie Case
What Matters Most by Nancy Good
Harbor Life and City Silt by Elle Hartford
Risky Assumptions by Ellen Quint
Family Matters by Mary Jo Robertiello
Laundry After Midnight by Nina Wachsman
David and the Garmento by Roz Siegel
The Teacup by Catherine Siemann
The Art of Payback by Cathi Stoler
The New Guy is Black by Anne-Marie Sutton

Injustice in Brooklyn by Stephanie Wilson-Flaherty

Thank you to everyone who submitted short stories, and thank you to Dawn Barclay and Joseph de Marco, our indefatigable co-editors, who are making all this happen.