Labor Day Sales are MURDER (New York Style, that is)

Murder-New-York-Style-Anthology-SALEE-versions of all three NYSinC crime anthologies are on sale–just 99 cents for Deadly Debut and $1.99 for Fresh Slices–you can even lock in our upcoming Sept. 9th Family Matters for $2.99! Check the MurderNYStyle site for more info, including links to vendors, story lists, and sample bites from each book!

Sept. 17th Mtg: Powerful Poisons with a Pro!

Dr. Mark SiddallDr. Mark Siddall is the curator of the Museum of Natural History ‘s Division of Invertebrate Zoology, and recently curated an exhibit called The Power of Poison.

Dr. Siddall has led expeditions throughout the world, and his research has focused on the evolutionary biology of a wide range of parasites, from single-celled microbes to leeches. He now concentrates on researching Darwinian selection and diversity of hemotoxic venom proteins of leeches, among them the new species Tyrannobdella rex (T. rex), recently described by him and his students, who discovered it in the Amazon.

He’ll join us to discuss more about the enigmatic topic of poison that’s been fascinating us since one of the earliest writers, Euthyphro, recorded Socrates’ death after drinking hemlock.

As usual we’re gathering on the third Wednesday at the Jefferson Market Library at 6:30, with the program to begin by 7pm.. More information about this and upcoming programs is at the Meetings page.

Fresh Slices, With Even More New York Attitude

Fresh Slices, a Murder New York Style anthologyFresh Slices  , edited by Terrie Farley Moran, was the second in the Murder New York Style series of crime anthologies, and we’re thrilled to report that like our first, Deadly Debut, it’s also back in a sassy new eBook edition, thanks to the efforts of our chapter members in partnership with Glenmere Press!

When the New York/Tri-State chapter of Sisters in Crime began discussing this title, we were drawn to the idea of gathering crime stories from less-sung locales in the five boroughs. We were also enthusiastic about mixing genres and tones with the same kind of lively variety represented within our membership. So these stories are not only written by crime fiction authors you know, but by chapter members making their fiction debuts. These stories are truly slices of life from the most ethnically diverse, most densely populated city in America!

If you’d like more information about this collection, including links to a variety of vendors, please click the book’s title or cover, or just visit us at

If you’re a book blogger, reviewer, librarian, or bookseller, please click the link to  e-mail Clare Toohey, the chapter’s anthology chairperson, and she’ll happily get you a copy for your evaluation.

Deadly Debut Returns for an Encore!

Deadly Debut, a Murder New York Style mystery anthologyDon’t be fooled by the raven on the cover, because this title is also a phoenix!

The New York/Tri-State Chapter of Sisters in Crime conceived its very first crime anthology in 2006, and the following year saw the publication of Murder New York Style, the name we’ve now adopted for the whole series. That first title is long out of print and its publisher shuttered, but NYSinC’s growing experience with chapter anthologies encouraged us to return to those early stories and to recapture some for this brand-new, abridged digital collection, published in partnership with Glenmere Press.

Deadly Debut is simultaneously old and new, representing both our chapter’s proud history and its perennial reinvention. We hope you enjoy it.

If you’d like more information about any of the anthologies, including links to a variety of vendors, please click the book’s cover, title, or just visit us at

If you’re a book blogger, reviewer, librarian, or bookseller, please click this link to e-mail Clare Toohey, the chapter’s anthology chairperson, and she’ll happily get you a copy for your evaluation.

Did You Write the Breakout Novel?

If you missed the June 7th workshop, or just want to recapture the inspiration, don’t miss the write-up of this wonderful event in our Summer Bloodletter!

More terrific issues are found in the Bloodletter archives or linked from the sidebar menu!

May 5th Mtg: The View from Undercover!

SinC_May_5_2014_Mtg**Please Note: The May meeting is an unusual day, a Monday, early in the month, and we’re meeting in the Second Floor meeting room.

Check out the view from undercover!

We’re excited to hear from Michael Dorto, the highest rank of detective in the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. He spent many years working undercover in organized crime, infiltrating the Gambino crime family, and now with Major Crimes, he’s involved with kidnappings, arts and antiquities theft, and major thefts (over 1 million dollars).

Going undercover to bring down a mob operation, Michael Dorto knows the challenges and rewards of working from the inside. Get up close and personal, and hear about the high-dollar, high-profile cases that end up being “Major.”

Also, there’s still time to register for the writing workshop with Donald Maass on June 7th! Contact Catherine at: cmaiorisi– at- gmail (dot] com for more information.


Write Your Breakout Novel with Help from Donald Maass on June 7, 2014!

Donald-MaassWe’ve finalized the details of our all-day seminar, so registration is now open for this intensive workshop on Writing the Breakout Novel with Donald Maass!

Visit our Special Events page for more information and the registration form, and we look forward to seeing you there!


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